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Stance and Progress on Key Issues

Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol continues to be a community safety threat

"Deterrence is the key to combatting this highly-preventable crime."

I believe:

· In policies and procedures that encourage drivers to consider readily-available alternatives to driving impaired.

I have:

· Stepped up our prosecution and toughened our standards on this senseless crime.

· Promoted wise choices by our drivers through the appropriate use of both treatment and punishment.

Reports of domestic violence are on the increase in our communities

"Much of this is driven by drug and mental health issues."

I believe:

· That aggressive prosecution and early intervention into dangerous relationships is essential.

I have:

· Increased the number of prosecutors in our office who are focused on domestic violence.

· Worked to establish a new problem-solving court for misdemeanor-level domestic violence crimes.

· Working with the Domestic Violence Coalition to establish a felony-level problem-solving court for certain DV offenders.

Spokane County's Fight Against Lawlessness

Lawlessness is reaching epidemic levels in our country. Despite the negative impact on public safety and the economic damage it creates, many jurisdictions want to double down with soft on crime strategies that are not working.

It’s time we hold people accountable for the crimes they commit. It’s a choice: Let others and their property alone or pay the price for your wrongdoing.

Violent crime remains a significant issue in our community

"Prosecution of violent offenders continues to be an emphasis in my office."

I believe:

· Reduction of violent crimes is an important and achievable goal.

I have:

· Charged our major crimes prosecutors with seeing that justice is done and offenders punished.

· Maintained close, effective working relationships with law enforcement agencies at all levels.

· Personally promoted legislation that will increase our effectiveness by punishing where appropriate and promoting rehabilitation for those who prove amenable to change.

Washington State, and Spokane in particular, continue to rank among the highest nationally in property crime

"We must step up our efforts in combating this trend."

I believe:

· That lowering property crime must be among the highest priorities in our community.

I have:

· Strengthened chronic offender policies resulting in tougher penalties for repeat offenders.

· Encouraged early identification and treatment of drug and mental health issues.

· Supported legislation for meaningful post-incarceration supervision.

· Encouraged local re-entry programming to decrease recidivist behaviors.

· Staffed victim services to address physical, emotional and economic well-being of innocent victims of these crimes.

Larry Haskell
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